The Boy from


Photograph of the Synagogue
in Bamberg set on fire during
Kristallnacht (courtesy of The
Wiener Library, London)

A personal testimony and biography of Günter Löbl from Bamberg who became
George Frederick Loble MBE JP as told to Gerald Stern

Compelled to leave his affluent home in Bamberg, Germany, a twelve year old Jewish boy from Bamberg arrived in London on 7th March 1939 speaking virtually no English, with only a few clothes and precisely 10 shillings, the maximum amount he was permitted to take abroad.

He recounts his happy early youth, the traumas of the Nazi period, the horrors of Kristallnacht and the new beginning which he and his family had to make as ‘enemy aliens’ in England.

This testimony recounts how an ordinary, hard working and law abiding family were driven from their country simply because of their religion. It describes how they overcame many difficulties and re-built their shattered lives in England. Their elderly relatives, left behind, were not so fortunate.

Listen to an interview with George on Radio Newcastle for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016
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Radio Newcastle Interview

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